Financial Directions Newsletter: Vol. 4, 2017

Life is busy. Between family and friends, your career, and planning for your financial future, it can feel like there's precious little time for anything else.

That's why Financial Directions focuses on making your financial life a little bit simpler. This quarterly newsletter is intended to provide you with timely insights designed to help you achieve your financial goals.

In this issue, we take an in-depth look at:

4 Steps to Balancing Retirement and Education Funding Goals
While the thought of balancing these competing goals might cause anxiety, don't fret. There are steps you can take to help keep you on track as you work towards both goals.

Planning for the Future With Health Savings Accounts
Health savings accounts (HSAs) can provide a unique means to fund medical expenses in retirement, especially for those who wish to retire early.

6 Surprising Ways to Use a Trust
Trusts may carry a reputation of prestige, but you may be surprised to learn a few practical ways that trusts can benefit you and your family.

5 Credit Score Myths & Facts
Having a good credit score can help you get the best rates when you borrow money. Watch this video to make sure you know what can impact your number.

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